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Sunrice Sammy & Bella Livestream



With an existing partnership with MasterChef finalists, Sammy and Bella, Sunrice wanted us to take a whole new approach to how we delivered our content using talent. It was crucial that we engaged with Sunrice’s audience 1 to 1, giving them an opportunity to get closer to the brand and develop a stronger consumer relationship.


Sunrice's audinece are, not suprisingly, foodies. They are enthusiastic about finding new and better ways to help cut corners on the time it takes to prepare healthy and easy to make meals, as well as ensuring they stick within a budget.

With that in mind, it was important that we complimented Sunrice’s existing content strategy, but at the same time deliver something that was going to leverage the talent partnership, create conversation and resonnate with Sunrice's core fans/p>


We wanted to do something a little different to what Sunrice had done before, so we decided on a Facebook Live stream starring Sammy and Bella. During the stream the girls would cook two delicious, tasty and easy to prepare meals using Sunrice as the core ingredient, whilst answering questions from fans on the live chat.

Briefing & preparation on this project was extremely important as livestreams can be particularly difficult. Any mistake or techincal error that ooccurs goes out live across Facebook, therefore it was imperative that every last detail and potential issues was planned for in advance. Prior to the event we had two blocking and technical rehearsals in our studio and from there we were able to develop a detailed flowchart for how the stream would run.

Once we were live with Sammy & Bella, our team fed questions from the chat through to the girls by executing the pre-planned process, which involved more than 10 people at several different intervals to ensure communication was seamless and Sammy & Bella were able to answer questions whilst live on the air.