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Red bull x Flugtag 



Havas Sports & Entertainment were tasked with relaunching & managing one of Red Bull’s most famous events, Red Bull Flugtag. They required an agency who could manage the entire event from end to end covering everything from logistics to consumer engagement.


Red Bull Flugtag challenges the brave and brainy to design, build and pilot home-made flying machines off a 6 metre high flight deck. Many hope they will soar into the wild blue yonder, but more often than not, plunge into the waters below.

Teams are judged on three criteria: flight distance, creativity of the craft, and showmanship. This criteria has inspired flying tacos, prehistoric pterodactyls and even a giant hamburger to grace the Red Bull Flugtag flight decks! 


On a hot & sunny day in November, Red Bull Flugtag returned to Sydney after a 7 year hiatus. Over 20,000 spectators packed on to Mrs Macquarie’s point to see 40 successful applicants take their positions 6m above the water. Ensuring the event was injury free & keeping a watch out for sharks were just some of the things we needed to contend with on the day! The event has become one of the largest brand activations in the southern hemisphere, one we are very proud of being a part of.





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