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NRMA x Conservation Volunteers Australia Partnership & Activation

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Havas Sports & Entertainment were tasked with finding a suitable partnership that would help NRMA Insurance to address the issue of habitat loss as well as be a vehicle for community engagement. After undertaking a market audit, we identified Conservation Volunteers Australia as the strongest partner given their significant credibility in koala preservation and their ability to mobilise a strong community volunteer base in our target states.


Wild Koalas could be extinct in NSW & Qld by 2050 due to a combination of deforestation, bushfires and climate change. NRMA Insurance, like most Australians, wanted to help.


HSE and CVA designed a series of local volunteer tree planting projects across our target states, engaging local communities & empowering them to be part of the solution. We helped organise an IAG staff planting day for internal engagement and provided regular reporting to IAG on the ongoing projects. The number of trees planted were tracked on the NRMA Insurance website on an interactive map, allowing for people to see progress in real time and view upcoming tree planting projects in their local region.



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