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Amazon Web Services Customer Stories





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Amazon in recent history have achieved amazing feats, it’s no different for their web services department, they are on the forefront of artificial intelligence and cloud computing. Amazon Web Services came to us to help them bring to life the ways in which their services are helping to facilitate success in many of Australia's most prominent business, both new and established.



The content mission for AWS was simple, find a way to tell the success stories of Airtasker and other clients, appealing to business who were like them, forward thinking and innovative.

WIth a passion for technology, innovation and constant change AWS and their customers (both existing & potential), needed content that was going to be engaging and informative, not like your average customer testimonials.



In late 2017 we were commissioned to produce and direct several customer case studies for AWS’ clients; Airtasker, VISY, Woodside, Data Republic, PWC and OFX.

In order to capture the stories in a coherent and unfolding narrative, we worked with the chief technology representatives at the respective companies, developing scripts and storyboards before the shoot to help the featured customers see how we wanted to tell their stories.

This collaboration meant that we were able to extract richer information from the businesses and put a much more unique spin on the content.